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Thinking about trying a detox?

by previlli

Try our easy, gentle 3-Day Intermittent Fasting Detox Plan

Living in the modern world means that we are constantly exposed to toxins in our environment. If you are considering a detox to release pollutants, clear brain fog, reduce bloating, or boost metabolism, then here’s an easy 3-day plan that uses intermittent fasting to gently detox without damaging your core gut architecture. This is a great, quick-start baby step to a healthier lifestyle. 

How unseen microorganisms affect your health

Our bodies work on a schedule, and studies have found that limiting the amount of time we spend eating every day can provide many health benefits. For Example:


Human growth hormone (HGH), the hormone associated with muscle gain and fat loss, increases significantly during fasting. 

Insulin Levels

Fasting can also help keep insulin levels in a healthy range, which can increase fat-burning. 

Cell Repair

When you are fasting, your body has time for cellular repair and routine maintenance which can protect against disease.  

3-Day Intermittent Fasting Detox Plan

While there are many different methods of fasting, the simplest method for beginners is what is referred to as a 16:8 fast. This means that in a 24-hour day, you fast for 16 hours and limit your eating to 8 hours. This ratio has been found to be advantageous for weight loss.
While fasting can be an important part of clearing debris from your system, if you want to optimize the benefits of toxin elimination, it’s important to be careful what you eat during your meal periods to enhance the detoxification process.  

Foods to avoid:

  • Refined or processed foods, 
  • Added sugar,
  • Artificial sweeteners, 
  • Red meat, 
  • Processed meats, 
  • Alcohol.
These foods can cause bloating and will disrupt your detox. 

Foods to include:

  • Fiber-rich foods,
  • Green tea, 
  • Dark green and leafy vegetables, 
  • Polyphenol-rich fruits.  
An important part of any detox is increasing your fluid intake to help flush out toxins.   

Who should NOT try an Intermittent Fasting Detox?

This plan works for most, but not all. Do not try this Intermittent Fasting Detox plan if you:

 Have advanced diabetes or are on medications for diabetes
 • Are underweight
 • Have a history of eating disorders (such as anorexia or bulimia)
 • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
 • Under the age of 18

If you’re looking to;

reboot your metabolism, reduce bloating, invest in clearer skin, optimize your hormone levels, support better sleep, and clear brain fog — and you don’t tick any of the above boxes — then this gentle, intermittent fasting and detox plan is for you.

Check out these recipes!

They aim to help you break your intermittent fast while encouraging detoxification!

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